pastiles……….. pasti pagoda, pasti hadiahnya.

August 30, 2018

 “Pastiles pasti PAGODA, pasti HADIAH nya!!!” is a direct prize program held by PT. AFIAT. This program is a form of appreciation for loyal customers of PT. AFIAT who has believed in PAGODA PASTILES products. As for the mechanism by finding COUPON with prizes directly in the Pagoda Pastiles can. Direct gifts given to customers in the form of motorbikes, cash, and other surprise prizes. For lucky customers to find a coupon with a motorcycle prize, the customer is requested to send a copy of the coupon with a photocopy identity and telephone number. Whereas for lucky customers find cash, customers can immediately enjoy it.  This direct prize program also aims to further introduce PAGODA PASTILES products to the wider community, which has the benefit of refreshing the breath and relieving the throat.